Selling Precious Metals

Roberts & Roberts Brokerage, Inc. also purchases precious metals outright from its clients or assists our clients in the brokerage of larger amounts via our network of bullion houses, banks, and wholesale contacts.

The selling process is essentially the reverse of the sales process.

We establish the current spot price for the metal being sold to us. Any premium for the items will be added on. Our commission charge is then deducted from the total amount (at the same rate as our commission for selling). We will write you a check or make a wire transfer for the net amount.

You can also mail us your items for valuation and sale. Call us for preliminary pricing and mailing instructions.

Larger sales may require the involvement of wholesalers, bullion houses or banks. We offer the items to the appropriate institutions and provide this information to you, along with our recommendation as to your most profitable course of action. Once this is decided, we ship the items to the buyer. The buyer wires the payment to us and we provide you the payment, less our commission and shipping costs.

Again, rarely do sales need to be reported. There are only a few exceptions that would require us to send you a 1099B and a copy to the IRS for tax purposes. When you sell your precious metals, you may be subject to capital gains (or losses), just like any other investment. We do not provide tax advice and encourage you to consult a tax professional if you have specific questions.

We will ask you to complete a W9 form any time a client sale requires a 1099B report.

Once again, our clients’ privacy and comfort are very important, so please call for an appointment.

Regular hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM on Friday.