Blog posts of '2023' 'June'

Deep Diving the Fed's Killer Whale Crisis

"Remember, the whale bank accounts were maintained for years. Those Fed asset purchases started in 2020. The crisis started in March of 2023. Those accounts were maintained for years at risk of total loss, complete loss. And they were losing interest payments the entire time because the bank pays way less interest rate than a treasury pays. So the only real question here is why these accounts were maintained like that. Umm...since they weren't maintained to make money. They lost in the form of lower interest payments compared to US Treasuries, and those accounts weren't maintained for safety since a bank account can suffer a total loss and a treasury can't. Why were those whale accounts left untouched for years if it wasn't to turn those accounts into killer whales when the time came? ...

That's a way better explanation for the crisis than the mainstream story, which is totally ridiculous and pretends that it's normal for people to keep billions of dollars in a checking account." - Titus

What's behind the recent, so-called "Regional Banking Crisis?" YouTube channel BestEvidence takes a deep dive into the timing, flow of money, and the unusual activity that killed these banks. While the media has been calling it a "Regional Banking Crisis", these were all among the largest 30 US banks in assets.

Where did all that money come from? Why was it just sitting in low-interest checking accounts for three years?

Were these accounts set up to intentionally destroy three large banks to benefit the biggest four banks that profited from their demise?

BestEvidence provides information from charts and graphs from the Federal Reserve and FDIC websites and makes it understandable. He also provides information on how you can "Red-Flag" test your own bank.