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Peace On Earth

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On Armistice Day this year, Roberts & Roberts Brokerage pledged all profits from sales that day to our favorite organization - I'm pleased to say that with a slight rounding up, we were able to donate one full Bitcoin to the cause of peace. For Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we made the same offer. We're still tallying up the results and it's just as good.

But it still isn't enough. So we're giving you one more chance.

Use the coupon code "Peace On Earth" on your purchase between now and December 23rd and we will again donate all profit from your purchase to Every dollar over the wholesale cost of all products from that purchase will go to This is a one time code per customer so make it count.

Recent events in the world make it seem like the threat of more war is continuing to ratchet up. It's important to be well informed about what's really going on. is dedicated to bringing you the latest in news and reviews and their foreign policy analysis cuts through the propaganda you get from mainstream corporate and government controlled media. If you want to know the latest and most truthful version of the news, you can count on is run by people who understand the wars abroad become wars at home, wars on our freedoms.

Randolph Bourne posited that “War is the Health of the State”. We think banks are its sustenance. The truth is that banks drive war – it’s good for their bottom line. Why use their money? By investing in Gold, Silver and Bitcoin, you are exiting the corrupt system that enables war. That’s why we use the motto – “We Don’t Feed the Banks”.

Use the coupon code "Peace On Earth" when you shop online at now until December 23rd and help support the cause of peace this holiday season.

Visit and see what's really going on. Consider donating too!

Alan Greenspan Suggests Buying Gold

With gold and silver prices dipping lately, now is the perfect time to buy and former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan agrees. Despite the recent dip in prices, Greenspan is recommending gold as an investment. Not usually known for being a gold bug, the former Fed chairman's comments may come as a surprise. He mentions that the time and conditions are right for buying and presented this case to the Council on Foreign Relations the same day as the announcement by the Federal Open Market Committee that the years long quantitative easing program will be coming to an end.

Some have expressed concern this may bolster the price of the dollar and negatively impact metals even more, but Greenspan argued that gold is a good place to put money these days given its value as a currency outside of the policies conducted by governments. Greenspan also disagreed with the quantitative easing policy of the current Fed saying it, "Failed to achieve its primary goals". Gold is also still being purchased by central banks and governments worldwide as evidenced by China in a report earlier this year. China and other countries are not pleased with the dollar's world reserve currency status and though the ceasing of quantitative easing may strenghten the currency temporarily, long term the dollar still faces some serious challenges.

You can view Greenspan's comments in the video below.


On Bitcoin and Gold Misconceptions

You can read the rebuttal in its entirety here:

For an explanation of what Bitcoin is and how it works check out this brief video: