The Sovereign Debt Bubble

"We know where we are in the debt cycle; we know where we are with energy. And so then it comes down to the key points: when there is tension in the market, when there's volatility in treasuries - okay, we've come to a point: they either have to let the debt default, or they have to print. The chance that they're going to let it default is like zero" - Luke Gromen

Many of you know in addition to metals investing, and I am also very optimistic about investing in Bitcoin.

Not cryptocurrencies in general, just Bitcoin.

I've been a longtime listener to "What Bitcoin Did" with Peter McCormack. Lately, this show has been featuring many macroeconomic experts as guests. There's a lot less discussion of Bitcoin and more of an analysis of the current and future effects of the tremendous inflationary effect it will have on US Dollars. There are plenty of positive mentions of gold in this show.

As Peter might say, "This one's a real banger."

There is some upfront discussion of Bitcoin and mentions sprinkled throughout the podcast.

If you're not interested in Bitcoin, power through and see what the future could hold for the US Economy.


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