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$100 Minimum Permanently Removed on All Orders Paid with Bitcoin

We love bitcoin so much that we have decided to permanently remove the minimum $100 limit on all orders paid with bitcoin. If you're looking to buy a smaller amount of precious metals, this is great news. Holiday season is coming up, so now is the perfect time to give the gift of quality precious metals. This deal is also excellent for those looking to accumulate metals gradually in small quantities.

Savvy investors know the importance of diversifying your investments and we believe bitcoin enthusiasts understand this principle too, so we want to show our appreciation of this emerging technology and the people who make it thrive.

Buying bitcoin to take advantage of this deal is easy and safe. Simply go to to purchase bitcoin through your bank account or to turn your Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) into what some have called "magical internet money."

Don't be discouraged; bitcoin is a widely accepted currency accepted by many major retailers including and Dell computers. Other precious metals brokerages accept bitcoin too, but we want to emphasize our support of the bitcoin community by giving you this special--and permanent--deal when you choose to use this innovative new technology.